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    EMDS - Helping Make Better Decisions
    in a Complex World
    EMDS leverages a wide range of modeling technologies
    integrated with workflow and geographic information systems (GIS).
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    EMDS - Framework to
    Solve Complex Problems
    EMDS is a general purpose,spatially enabled framewok
    that can be aplied to a broad array of spatial and nonspatial problems.
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    First EMDS Users Forum -
    April 16, 2019
    The EMDS Going Forward Forum is our first online gathering to update users on the latest features of EMDS
    and discuss potential future developement directions for the product.

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EMDS - Ecosystem Management Decision Support System

State-of-the-art applicaton framework for designing and modeling spatially enabled decision support systems.

Quick Overview

EMDS offers a wide range of modeling technologies integrated with the latest geographic information systems.

Using a combination of pre-built or custom designed workflows, EMDS provides explicit, practical decision support for strategic and tactical planning as well as adapative management.

  • Logic-based reasoning using NetWeaver
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis using Criterium Decision Support
  • AI and Rules Based Systems using VisiRule
  • Bayesian networks from BayesFusion
  • Extensibility built-in to support other 3rd party engines and programming languages

EMDS Highlights