Making Transparent Environmental Management Decisions, 2014 - Keith Reynolds, Paul Hessburg and Patrick Bourgeron

Since 1997, the Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system has been used around the world to support environmental analysis and planning in many different application areas, and it has been applied over a wide range of geographic scales, from forest stands to entire countries. An extensive sampling of this diversity of applications is presented in section 2, in which EMDS application developers describe the varied uses of the system. These accounts, together with the requisite background in section 1, provide valuable practical insights into how the system can be applied in the general domain of environmental management.


Case Studies

EMDS Demonstration Videos

EMDS 4.0 demonstration video that highlights the features of the program.

More Case studies for EMDS

Many more references to case studies can be found on the EMDS Wikipedia page.