The Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system is a state-of-the-art application framework for designing and modeling spatially enabled decision support systems. EMDS supports the environmental analysis and planning functions at all geographic scales and resolutions.

EMDS offers a wide range of modeling technologies including logic-based reasoning, priority analysis, decision trees, Bayesian networks and other decision modeling technologies, fully integrated with the latest geographic information systems (GIS).

This combination provides explicit, practical decision support for both strategic and tactical planning as well as adaptive management. EMDS is a general purpose, spatially-enabled framework, and can be applied to an extremely broad array of spatial problems.

EMDS Consortium

The EMDS Consortium is a group of businesses led by the Mountain View Business Group who have partnered with the USDA Forest Service to build and grow the EMDS Framework. The initial consortium members were Mountain View Business Group, Rules of Thumb, InforHarvest and the USDA Forest Service. After careful review of our needs for EMDS's growth, in 2016 we added LPA and BayesFusion to the consortium. To find out more about these outstanding companies just click on their name below to get to their web site.

Mountain View Business Group (MVBG) was established in 2008 to provide expertise in geospatial programming and design, infrastructure solutions, executive coaching, and practical business consulting.

Rules of Thumb was incorporated in 1987 as a developer of decision support software and solutions for the science and engineering communities.

InfoHarvest was founded in 1995 to bridge the gap between decision makers and data by creating software that leveraged analytical hierarchy processes and multi-criteria decision analysis.

LPA was founded in 1981 to develop logic programming based tools and applications leveraging AI, expert systems, and decision support systems.

BayesFusion was created in 2015 to create a powerful and versatile modeling software environment, leveraging Bayesian networks in its GeNIe Modeler tool.

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