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Workflow Flexibility

Knowledge Based
Decision Support
Organized System for
Evaluation and Planning
Scalable Analysis to any
Geographic Size
Help for the
Resource Manager
and Analysts

Announcing the release of EMDS 5.1 on August 2016

- Workflow Based

- Able to handle 5x more data than version 4

- Over 20x faster in processing than version 4

- Supports Netweaver 2 and CDP 4 models

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Welcome to  Ecosystem management decision support (EMDS) site.

A System of Tools for Land and Resource Management


EMDS 5.1 for ArcGIS 10.4 has been released in November 2016.


EMDS 5.1 for ArcGIS 10.2 and ArcGIS 10.3 is now available! August 2016


EMDS 5.1 allows for additional new features, including a refreshed interface, larger dataset support, and our initial support for tactical actions.

EMDS is a unique solution which implements a framework to support the functions of a spatial decision support system (SDSS). SDSS help decision-makers rationally evaluate strategies or solutions for spatial or geographic problems. These are often complex problems with large datasets, a high degree of uncertainty, and multiple stakeholders with conflicting interests and viewpoints. SDSS use mathematical and logical models to evaluate objective technical or scientific data according to subjective value judgments. SDSS are often used to evaluate, compare, and prioritize scenarios or alternatives.  

EMDS is designed to support natural resource and ecosystem management.  Classic EMDS workflows uses fuzzy logic to make objective, scientific assessments of the ecosysten and then uses MCDA to subjectively prioritize management scenarios for decision makers.